Hi! I am Elias Epp, musician and software engineer from Ulm, Germany.

Seramind is my music project.

Born 1989 in a sovkhoz in Kazakhstan and raised in southern parts of Germany.

Most of my stuff is Dub Techno / Ambient Techno or just pure Ambient.

Working mostly with FL Studio and Audacity.

Lots of obfuscation via stretching, cuts and effects.

Got into Techno music around 1999 with early Euro Dance and Trance
(Aquagen, Cosmic Gate, Future Breeze, DJ Quicksilver, everything played on Club Rotation or Sunshine Live, really ...), later more Dutch oriented Trance music
(Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Airwave etc.) and Ambient
(Banco De Gaia, Xerxes, Cell, Shulman, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Ishq, Solar Fields, etc.), later more Progressive House
(Bedrock, Sasha, Chable, Hernán Cattáneo, Taucher, LoQuai, Mistique Music), experimenting alongside with FL Studio and a minimal repertoire of synths and sounds, nothing too serious.

After discovering Dub Techno and Ambient Techno
(Warmth, Mr. Cloudy, Cio D'Or, DeepChord, aspect., Textural Being) started a more serious approach of producing.

Always working on something new!

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Aqua was my first release. EP on Archives. Combination of Ambient, Dub and Techno. Remixed by Zoltan Ban, DT-90 and Liquid Delay.

Available on Bandcamp.

Futur​[​e​]​cho 2016

One small track of mine 'Feanor' on the Cold Fiction Music compilation Futur[e]cho 2016.

Other tracks by HiKE, Coppice Halifax, Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito, Satoi, Z1, lifePHORM, DeepWarmth, Owen Ni, schulz_audio, B. Toriyama, aspect., Substak, Protuberance and Ech0 Delta.

Check it out on Bandcamp.


My first album. Ambient, Drone and Illbient experimentations.

Tracks: Vide Fig, Amicus, Cubbon, Effingo, Retrahuntque, 2B, Amor Yep, Angustiora, Saham.

Self-released on Bandcamp. »

Ambient Sessions Compilation Vol​. ​1

My ambient track "Montblanc" is included in this compilation by Deep Electronics.

Other tracks by: Asphalt Layer, Bjika, drfct, Emerging Patterns, In Vitro, Kraut Sounds, Kyrro, Marcibagoly, Martin Nonstatic, R.Hz, Sebastian Paul, Shervaan Bergsteedt, Submersion, Substak and more ...

Check it out on Bandcamp.


My second album. Ambient and Drone. Experimented with some recorded samples and the Edison editor in FL Studio. Great tool.

Tracks: Apf, Display Name, Parlay, Xolyph, Ainimm, Feu Fi, Wollof, Dedlatatte, Chunke, Phaphaggs, Barrejat, Downodd, Ritntone.

All tracks also available on my Youtube, SoundCloud and Hearthis channels.

Self-released on Bandcamp. »

Ambient Online Themed Compilation 11: Mars

This is the eleventh themed compilation created exclusively by the members of the ambient producer's website, ambientonline.org.

I contributed the track Ziehendef.

Check it out on Bandcamp.


This album is dedicated to the Paladin class.

Full of soft sounds, warm atmospheres, itchy scratching noises, light sound environments to rest and fantasize about magic, enchantments, courageous heroics, shimmering pink plate armor, tasks and adventures in unknown worlds.

Self-released on Bandcamp. »


This album is inspired by the emptiness of space, being lost in nature around us. Alien sonic environments, distant worlds, electronic noises. Supposedly, you are not welcome here. Or at least, it sounds like it.

Released by Cold Fiction Music.